I was always for the shark

jaws-movie As children grow up, the classics of Steven Spielberg usually fade into dated sentimentality.  After all, he was, along with John Hughes, Robert Zemeckis and a handful of others, a master at popularizing childhood wonder, fear and fantasy.  As I kid I was never really scared in Jaws, though. But I was still intrigued, and a little obsessed. There are times now, however, when I see scenes, with my adult eyes, usually as the shark is a vague menace in the background, and I’m fully wrapped up in tension and impending doom.  Many of the forceful emotion and human story is delivered from actor Robert Shaw, who characterizes the fatalistic meanness of an old salt.  The scene below is a classic moment, as captain Quint tells a war story as Dreyfuss’ eager biologist Hooper and Scheider’s hydrophobic Brody gaze in silence.  The second clip is arguably one of the most memorable scenes of any movie.


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