Au Hasard Balthazar

Picture 4Robert Bresson’s classic Au Hasard Baltazar is about tragedy, objectivity, love, cruelty and fatalism; themes typified in the relationships between adults and children, humans and animals, between curious adolescents in love, and bullies and the weak.  Some are engrossed watching this film, many fall asleep. But for me, it strikes deep and rings true to how I have always seen the world; I’ve often been confused about feelings of love, and conflicted with the cruelty and utilitarianism of animals, which often extends to how people use and abuse each other.  Bresson uses natural sounds, the calmness of Schubert, and remarkably (almost uncomfortably) natural scene-making to tell a story that culminates in a way that would make even a baby seal clubber pause and allow a bit of empathy.

This film is the definition of timeless cinema.

(a bit of a SPOILER in the clip above)




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